Jeanne Scahaise

"I grew up in an environment that made me oriented towards the arts. But by opening this company, I'm trying to combine the artistic side of myself with a more practical side of me interested in production !"

Jeanne Scahaise studied French Literature at the University of Brussels. After obtaining her Master's Degree, she specialised in Production at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion. 

Jeanne grew up in an artistic family. With a father working as a Stage Director and a mother as an Actress. Her natural interest in art and her passion for management are a perfect combo for this new ambitious project !

Carol Van Hemelrijck

"I always knew I wanted to be a Director. Or at least since I was 9. My dad and I watched Harry Potter. As we walked out of the screen, I asked him "What's that job when you make movies ?" and he told me that it was a Director. Since then, I knew. I want to be a Director. I want to make people feel the magic I felt !"

Carol Van Hemelrijck travelled the world after High School. From Los Angeles to New Zealand, Guatemala to London, and more. She finally came back to Belgium. She studied to be a Director at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion.

Her love for travel and adventure mixed with her creative mind are bringing all the daydream this new project needs !

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